Teaching Faculty

General Medicine
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. R. G. Singh Professor
2 Dr. Siddiqui Associate Professor
3 Dr. Nikhil Sinha Associate Professor
4 Dr. Sanjiv Singh Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Jitendra Singh Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Kumar Bhaskar Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Nikhil Kurmar Rai Senior Resident
8 Dr. Arun Kumar Senior Resident
9 Dr. Amit Bhaskar Senior Resident
10 Dr. Nilesh Junior Resident
11 Dr. Neha Tripathi Junior Resident
12 Dr. Ashish Junior Resident
13 Dr. Santosh Junior Resident
14 Dr. Santosh Kumar Junior Resident
15 Dr. Rahul Jhunjhunwala Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. B. D. Bhatia Professor
2 Dr. O.P. Singh Associate Professor
3 Dr. Ritesh Agarwal Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Anil Kr Saroj Senior Resident
5 Dr. Yogesh Kr Sidar Junior Resident
TB & Chest
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Vikas Deep Mishra Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Rashid Parvez Senior Resident
3 Dr. Priyamvada Tiwari Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Shri Nivas Assistant Professor
2 Senior Resident
3 Dr. Gunjan Singh Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Abhishek Pratap Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Abhinay Pandey Senior Resident
3 Dr. Yashwant Gautam Junior Resident
General Surgery
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. P. Venugopal Professor
2 Dr. Piyush Agrawal Associate Professor
3 Dr. Manish Associate Professor
4 Dr. Mohd Mojeeb Ahsan Associate Professor
5 Dr. Alok Tripathi Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Mayank Mishra Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Girish Pandey Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Vikas Trivedi Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Niraj Sharma Senior Resident
10 Dr. Piyush Srivastava Senior Resident
11 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Senior Resident
12 Dr. Anand Singh Senior Resident
13 Dr. Yashwardhan Yadav Junior Resident
14 Dr. Romit Bhola Junior Resident
15 Dr. Brajesh Kumar Junior Resident
16 Dr. Ambuj Singh Junior Resident
17 Dr. Jyoti Verma Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. S.C Goel Professor
2 Dr. Ashutosh Vikram Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Sukh Sagar Vaishya Senior Resident
4 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Junior Resident
5 Dr. Faizal Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Sharwin Singh Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Amrendra Singh Senior Resident
3 Dr. Rajshree Yadav Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Garima Rai Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Diksha Prakash Senior Resident
3 Dr. Garima Jaiswal Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof Dabak Sripad Mahadeo Professor
2 Dr. Sukumar Saha Associate Professor
3 Dr. Manjari Gupta Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Alka Rai Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Bandita Das Senior Resident
6 Dr. Akansha Senior Resident
7 Dr. Ritambhara Junior Resident
8 Dr. Shazia Asrar Junior Resident
9 Dr. Rashi Pandey Junior Resident
10 Dr. Shweta Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Virendra Rastogi Professor
2 Dr. Arun Kumar Professor
3 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Associate Professor
4 Dr. Udai Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Reena Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Vineet Senior Resident
7 Dr. Anand Kr Yadav Senior Resident
8 Dr. Dilip Junior Resident
9 Dr. Nishant Mishra Junior Resident
10 Dr. M N Pathak Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. O. P. Sharma Professor
2 Dr. Govind Rao Kakde Associate Professor
3 Dr. Manoj Ranjan Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Gauri Kumari Senior Resident
5 Dr. Avinash Ranjan Senior Resident
6 Dr. Ankita Sachan Senior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Rahul Sood Associate Professor
2 Dr. Saurabh Wahi Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Aparajita Tiwari Junior Resident
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Mandavi Singh Professor
2 Dr. Seema Dabak Associate Professor
3 Dr. Ruchira Sethi Associate Professor
4 Dr. K. C. Singh Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Amit Nayak Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Aditya Pratap Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Gunjan Rai Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Rahul Rai Tutor
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Raj Bans Singh Professor
2 Dr. Sudhanshu Associate Professor
3 Dr. Preeti Bhatnagar Associate Professor
4 Dr. Mir Abdul Munif Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor
6 Ms. Deepti Anand Tutor
7 Dr. Gulam Mohd Tutor
8 Dr. Dinesh Kr Singh Tutor
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Yalla Masu Pawar Professor
2 Dr. Tabassum Associate Professor
3 Dr. Ketki Khandhadiya Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Pratibha Gavel Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Zoha Tutor
6 Dr. Anubhuti Tutor
7 Ms. Priya Srivastava Tutor
8 Ms. Shailja Shrestha Tutor
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. R.K. Goel Professor
2 Dr. P.K. Chaudhary Associate Professor
3 Dr. Pramod Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Ravi Sharma Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Ankit Singh Tutor
6 Dr. Akancha Gupta Tutor
7 Ms Shweta Kumari Tutor
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Mohan Kumar Professor
2 Dr.  Ravindra Srivas Associate Professor
3 Dr. Praveen Shinde Associate Professor
4 Dr. Chada Pradeep Kumar Associate Professor
5 Dr. Vatsala Kishore Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Dilip Mishra Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Neeraj Kr Singh Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Smriti Bhaskar Tutor
9 Dr. Ankur Tutor
10 Dr. Manoj Yadav Tutor
11 Dr. Amit Gupta Tutor
12 Dr. Anchal Gupta Tutor
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Anil Kumar Sinha Professor
2 Dr. Basva Raj Associate Professor
3 Dr. Asim Kr Singh Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Saumya Singh Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Neha Garg Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Naveen Dwivedi Tutor
7 Mr. Mukesh Kr Singh Tutor
8 Ms. Mahak Jain Tutor
Forensic Medicine
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Yogendra Nath Professor
2 Associate Professor
3 Dr. Shailesh Kumar Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Aishwarya Singh Tutor
Community Medicine
S.No Name Designation
1 Prof. Sunil Kumar Professor
2 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Associate Professor
3 Dr. Deepak M G Associate Professor
4 Dr. Malik Faizan Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Dhananjay Kr Singh Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Vasundhara Aras Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Vijay Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Vipul Kant Singh Statistician
9 Dr. Nitesh Tutor
10 Dr Soma Sarkar Tutor
11 Dr Rajwanti Kaushik Tutor
12 Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh Tutor

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