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July 28, 2016
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Windows had failed to garner its usual response from the launch of its latest offering to its customers. In an effort to regain their lost ground and remain the best selling operating system, its parent company Microsoft decided to launch its next offering. Termed as the Microsoft Windows 9 it is expected to be the trump card for Microsoft in regaining its market share and repute of being the makers of the most trusted operating system.

Microsoft has been the topper in terms of sales and revenue gatherings. Over the time Microsoft has developed a dedicated client base who will not settle for anything other than a Windows operating system for their computer. Though Microsoft Windows operating systems target the individual users, it has quite a fan base among entrepreneurs too. Their stability and reliability are preferred by many administrators for their mainframe computers over other operating systems that concentrate on providing outright speed rather than stability.

This dedicated base of clientele had been offended much to Microsoft’s worry after the experience in using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 safe mode f8. They were annoyed by the fact Microsoft had sacrificed their unique selling point, that is their familiarity and easy t use graphical user interface for a more modern and tunneled interface that many had problems getting accustomed to. And in case of the individual user through this did not pose much of a problem in case of entrepreneurs this had a severe effect as they lost valuable time and hence profits getting their administrators accustom to this new operating system.

This hampering had many shift their choice from Windows to other comfortable and habituated operating system like Android. But not for long Microsoft has announced that they are going to introduce Windows 9 very soon.

Most of the users are not going to run across the town from dealers to dealers to get their hands on the operating system most will just go by the trend of the time and download it. This can be achieved by directly downloading from the official website of Windows. This method will guarantee the quality of the product to be genuine and also enable one to procure help and support from Microsoft.

Others who do not worry much about procuring official help will often look up for the websites that will be hosting this operating system for free. Though most of the websites that claim to host the operating system for free are either hoaxes or are just in the lie of garnering more traffic to increase their revenue from advertisements. Still, there will be some websites who will stand up to their claims and host the operating system but these will for sure be the pirated versions. These along with being free have the risk of being virus infested so keep a watchful eye.

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