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September 4, 2018
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On Thursday, the city gave its approval for the reopening of the store in Hermosa.

CHICAGO- Health inspectors returned Thursday morning to Wal-Mart in the Hermosa neighborhood and authorized its reopening after the store failed its health inspection for the second day in a row.
This after the city closed it after inspectors discovered rodent droppings in the interior and storage areas.

After a third inspection, the Chicago Department of Public Health sent the following statement:

“We are committed to ensuring safety and quality in the handling and preparation of food sold for the public’s consumption.”

“We have worked with Walmart to ensure that sanitary conditions comply with our code, as a result, and as of August 9 this store has been authorized to reopen” “We will continue to work with Walmart Login to ensure they comply with the health code.” On July 31, city inspectors ordered the temporary closure of the store located at 4650 W. North Ave., upon discovering multiple pieces of rodent droppings on the floor, shelves, storage areas and corridors in the groceries and snacks. “Our store on North Avenue is temporarily closed while we settle an issue after an inspection of the city,” Walmart posted on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

“We have strict quality and hygiene standards and we are working together with the health department to comply with them.” According to the first inspection report, it was found: about 25 pieces of excrement under the shelves in the cereals and snack section, between 34 to 45 residues of excrement on the floor and shelves in the dry goods non-food store, about 10 pieces on the floor next to a water heater and about 40 stool residues on the floor and shelves on the second level of the store. The Chicago Department of Public Health gave the store five days to correct the problem before a second inspection last Wednesday, which did not happen. That day the agency said that “Walmart one did not take corrective action within the timeframe and, as a result, it will be closed until CDPH determines that the store meets code standards,” the department said in a statement. “We take this matter seriously and will reopen as soon as possible,” Walmart said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers.” A former employee of the store who wants to remain anonymous said that she saw rats in the store.

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