“To be a leader in health care, positive clinical outcomes, research & health education”

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life through continuous health education and delivery of healthcare by committed medical professionals aided by the latest state of the art technology and bringing affordability of quality care by maintaining excellence in positive clinical outcomes and patient oriented research for the benefit of the Humanity.”
“Each of us is sculpting a stone, erecting a column, or cutting to size a sheet of stained glass in giving shape to an idea. which is larger than life. The upcoming 1000 bedded Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences is under construction, a conceptual structure, the like of which has never been seen before in this part of country. ”


The dream child of Dr. Siddharth Rai, nurtured within his being for years with his yearning to serve the sick and ailing populace of Purvanchal, is the primary source for giving birth to his vision into a practical reality. The vision of imparting quality healthcare that is the need of the hour for the healthcare impoverished state of Purvanchal region. India being a vital hub of international and domestic medical tourism and purvanchal in particular, and this is where Heritage Hospitals comes in with its traditional culture and heritage, touching and enriching lives of the populace.

Today, with 300 beds, and a significant presence at every touch-point of the medical healthcare and educational value chain, Heritage Hospitals is one of Uttar Pradesh’s largest healthcare groups. Commencing as a 110 bed hospital, today the group is growing exponentially both in Purvanchal and across with a master plan of 1000 bedded hospital – Specialty Hospital, Teaching Hospital cum Medical College coming up in Bhadwar in Varanasi to be operational by 2013.


The Heritage Hospitals Group is the pioneer of integrated health care delivery in Varanasi at Uttar Pradesh in India. This vision led the group to earmark time and resources to strengthen each vital cog in the process of health care delivery, positive clinical outcomes, education and research through their dream project. As a result of these efforts, the group today is in a unique position to exponentially increase its health care brand. This will be critical in meeting the future requirements of the community.

Heritage Hospitals Group, today, is an integrated health care and educational institutions, owned and managed by committed health care professionals. To enhance performance and service to their patients, the Heritage Hospital group is also planning various services that would be available to support the health care business – tele medicine services, clinical trials, education, training programs & research services and a host of other health care related projects.


This Heritage Hospitals Prestigious project is driven by a single minded pursuit, to provide the best standards of patient care with the passion that would lead to the development of a unique center of excellence across medical disciplines, within the Heritage Hospitals network. True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible to the people of Banaras in India, and even overseas.

It has become an institution of trust, and a beacon of hope to so many needy souls searching for a cure for their ailments. The legacy of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of the Heritage philosophy – experience, excellence, expertise and research. At HERITAGE , we pride ourselves for imparting the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant and serving the various strata of the society at large.