3rd All City Radiology Residents “CME”

3rd All City Radiology Residents “CME”

The Department of Radio-diagnosis and Imaging, Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences Medical College, Varanasi, organized the 3rd All City Radiology Residents’ CME on 25th May 2024. The other two such events organized by the HIMS Medical College were on 8th November 2023 on the occasion of World Radiology Day, and 2nd March 2024.

This CME, a scientific endeavor conducted with the intent of acquainting the Radiology residents with the diverse Interventional Radiology Procedures available today, aimed at offering excellent educational & hands-on opportunities for the Radiology residents. We invited all Radiology Residents from the academic Institutions of the city.

Eminent National faculties in the field of Interventional Radiology were present for the academic sessions for the students. Maj General Kamal Pathak, one of the senior-most Interventional Radiologists in the country, having served in Army uniform for 36 years and credited with the unique distinction of pioneering Interventional Radiology in the Indian Army, having successfully completed over 100 endovascular treatment of aortic diseases, one of the largest series in India, has mentored and trained 16 Interventional Radiologists, proctored close to 200 interventional cases all over the country, has pioneered Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPSS) and Direct Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts (DIPS) in the Armed Forces, served as a core member of the Liver Transplant Program at Army Hospital (Research and Referral) New Delhi, successfully provided assistance to Paediatric Cardiology in 90 patients of device closures for ASD,VSD, PDA and Cameral Fistula. Dr Abhay Kapoor, Head of Department of Interventional Radiology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi, was Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Medanta, New Delhi for about 14years; his area of expertise being Interventional Oncology related procedures (Trans-arterial Chemo-embolisation(TACE), Trans-arterial Radio-embolisation(TARE), Portal Vein Embolisation(PVE), Radiofrequency/Microwave Ablation for Liver, Pulmonary, Renal, Biliary and Bone tumors interventions) and Liver Transplant related procedures (Tumor down-staging, Biliary drainage, Hepatic Artery Thrombolysis, Portal Vein interventions BRTO), Special interest includes treatment of HCC with percutaneous and trans-arterial therapies. He is credited for having carried out the first order-map-treat Y-90 therapy in the country and set an example for ambulatory TARE and has set a record of maximum intra-op ablations of liver lesions by ablating 30 lesions in a case of GIST.

They took excellent lectures and conducted practical hands-on sessions, demonstration of various catheters and wires and their uses, demonstrations on the basics of puncture technique, and residents could get a feel of wire manipulation etc. The students had a chance to work on an IR simulator and practice IR on dummy phantoms, mock exam viva drills related to IR were conducted by faculties from different academic institutions. Boston scientific had flown down a simulator for the residents to try hands-on practice which was a first-time exposure for most of the attendees.

At Heritage IMS we believe in building fruitful associations with our esteemed fraternity members from other Institutions of our city for the larger benefit of our patients and humanity thereby, as also dissemination of knowledge. On this students’ event on the 25th, we invited IR Specialists from the city to participate in the teaching activities. We are grateful for their participation in spite of all odds like massive road blocks in the city on that day; more so because BHU and Tata access was affected by it, yet the enthusiastic students came from all the academic institutions of the city, traveled to our institute and participated wholeheartedly. We are grateful for the presence of Heads of the Department from the academic institutes of the city along with their faculty members and indeed delighted that they encouraged their students to attend in large numbers. The program was well-received by the students and the unique opportunity of hands-on sessions well-appreciated.
We look forward to hosting everyone again on our upcoming CME on the 14th of July 2024.

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